“Killing” My Old Self. RE-BIRTH.


Okay, so the title of this blog can seem a bit morbid and dark, but I promise this is a VERY positive blog that I feel a lot of us need to see.

It’s not morbid, however I Am going to be REAL. Life gets dark. It’s not all sunshine, rainbows and Unicorns (although we wish it was!) or do we really wish it was, because then how would we grow? How would we learn, how would we experience? What would be the point of life if everything was good all the time, it would get boring, right?!

We ALL have low times. Like shit, really fucking low times. We ALL have felt depressed, anxious, frustrated, confused, numb, upset at some point in our lives. And I bet most of us have also thought about just giving up and ending our lives at some point. I definitely have many times. and that is nothing to be ashamed about, life can get hard! Mentally more than anything, your mind can drive you crazy! I know because I experience it.

However, we don’t have to end our lives to feel better, We always have the opportunity to begin again. Instead of killing ourselves, we “kill” all of the things in our life that don’t serve us anymore. We “kill” the version of ourselves that we don’t want to be anymore, in order to give “birth” to a new and improved version of ourselves. One that is being true to yourself and living the best life you can!



The reason that feeling so bad, well, feels SO BAD! Is because your inner being, source, The Universe, Higher Power, God, whatever you like to call it, doesn’t join you in that feeling. Your inner being is with you when you feel joy, when you feel satisfaction, when you feel peace, ALL OF THE GOOD STUFF! Your inner being is right there with you and that is why it feels SO good! WHEN YOU FEEL GOOD YOU ARE VIBRATIONAL ALIGNMENT WITH WHO YOU TRULY ARE. The LIMITLESS, INFINITE BEING THAT YOU TRULY ARE.

This is a powerful realisation. Outside circumstances aren’t what matter, what matters is how we CHOOSE to respond to them. Nothing can have power over you unless you let it. I have learned/remembered that we are not just physical beings, this physical reality is a temporary experience. WE ARE ENERGY. We are vibrational beings. The reason why we want the things we want, is for how we think we are going to FEEL when we have those things! But so many of us get caught up in that thing we think is our happiness being missing, and give all of our attention to that thing, person, job, situation whatever it is being missing, instead of appreciating what we have NOW! We actually make ourselves feel bad by choosing to give our focus to what is bringing us down.


We all love to hang onto those things that are bringing us down. Talk about them over and over again to ourselves, our friends, whoever will listen. We keep feeling bad so we have an excuse to overeat, to smoke, to drink, to do things that numb our pain and just temporarily cover it up. We keep feeling bad so we get sympathy, “oh poor me give me attention because I feel so bad”. We may feel stuck in our past and feel like that’s who we are and we have to take it with us… whatever the reason is, too many of us humans like to stay in our pity party.

The most powerful thing I have realised through depression, is that I have a CHOICE. how I feel is up to me and no one else.

We are EVOLVING beings. We are meant to grow, we are not meant to stay the same all of our lives. All of the situations, people, events etc in our lives are all lessons, and we can transform them and use them to become stronger, better versions of ourselves. We are not defined by our past, by the things that have happened to us, they are just part of our journey and we can thank them, no matter how bad the experience was, we are able to use that experience to grow, and also to help others who are going through what we went through! But our past isn’t who we are. Our past situations and beliefs don’t have to stay with us through our lives.


Because we are meant to evolve, when we are not evolving and we are holding on to the past or keeping up habits, beliefs, mindsets that don’t serve our highest good. We feel reeeeaaallly UNCOMFORTABLE! But like so uncomfortable that it feels comfortable, do you know what I mean?! Like you feel stuck there and don’t know how to move forward. And you’re there in that vicious cycle.  I now recognise that when I feel this uncomfortable, stuck, stagnant, low feeling, that it’s time for change and it’s time for me to grow.

Things I look at when I feel this way:

  • How am I feeling?
  • Why do I feel this way, what is making me feel this way?
  • How can I learn from this?
  • What can I do to move forward and grow? How would I rather feel?


Every time I have these low times, as horrible as they are,  I come out of the other side and feel truly REBORN. I recognise these times as the most valuable times in my life, I am grateful for them, because I know that I have the power to let them MAKE ME and not break me!


Since my spiritual awakening I have had more low times than I have ever had in my life! But it’s only that way because before I had my awakening, I thought the way I felt was normal and just continued to feel that way because I didn’t know what self love and alignment felt like or was. I was completely low on self esteem, looked to others for approval, looked for men to be attracted to me, tried to make myself fit in when I felt so uncomfortable etc etc.

However the low times during my spiritual journey have felt so bad because I know the opposite, I know what it feels like to be in alignment with who I truly am and how fucking incredible and MAGICAL it feels, and when I had my first low time after my awakening I thought “FUCK OMG AM I GOING BACK TO MY OLD WAY OF LIFE AGAIN?!”

And I now know that once you are awake, you are awake eternally. And these low times I have, are old parts of me coming up to be healed. So that I am letting go of all that is not me, so that I can live in my natural, true state of being, who I truly am within before any one else on Earth told me who I should be.

Just when I thought I had healed myself, everything was going so incredible in my life, I released my book “How To Be A F**king Unicorn”, I have my own clothing line 11.11 Earth etc etc, so many of my childhood dreams were coming into reality and I felt on top of the world! Then BAM! I started feeling so overwhelmed, my old insecurities and self doubt started coming up, I have been feeling so many things that I know are not who I am anymore. So many things I felt in my school days, in old friendships etc etc. And I’m like “why am I feeling this way again?!”

The past couple of months I have been healing my “old self” and recognising why I feel this way, where it came from and the lesson in it and giving it love so I can be my TRUE SELF.

So things have been coming up like for example, being scared to go back to dance class. I recognised the reason I was feeling this way is because when I used to go to classes or auditions or any environment like that, I would feel like I was in competition with others there. I would feel like I needed to prove my worth because I felt not good enough and intimidated. I now see I don’t need to feel this way anymore because I love myself, I know who I am and my purpose and I don’t need others to approve of me or understand me. There is no competition in life, no one can live my purpose, no one can take my dreams from me, there is enough room for all of us and we should be encouraging each other, not trying to one up each other! When others make you feel inferior, it is because they feel a lack of self love so project that onto you to try and make themselves feel better! I have had social anxiety for so long because of fear of what others thought of me, fear of rejection etc. And self love is the healer.


I recognise that all of my anxiety and fear have come from not feeling good enough. So I have been letting these feelings out. What situations in life made me feel this way and why? It all stems from my childhood, and has been a repeating pattern with different friends, lovers and situations since. All helping me heal and grow.

For so long in my life I have been afraid to shine, afraid to be my greatest self and follow my dreams because I was scared of what others thought of me. “Who does she think she is” would often be a reaction I played over and over. I was scared to be critisised, misunderstood and rejected. Which is why I tried so hard to fit in for most of my life, and I STILL felt this way! Even more so. So what I’ve learned is, we shouldn’t be scared to shine and suppress ourselves and play small because of fear of what others may think. WE WERE ALL BORN TO BE GREAT, and the only way you can remind others of their greatness is by BEING THE GREATEST YOU.

Now I know I am not this person who doesn’t feel good enough anymore, and my old habits and mindsets have been trying to move forward with me and they feel so uncomfortable in my being and not a representation of who I truly am. I am so bored and DONE with playing small, hiding, trying to make others understand me, worrying about how others see me and all of this stuff that I felt in the past.


I realised I need to kill the old me.

Kill the low self esteem, kill not feeling good enough, kill numbing my pain with temporary pleasure, kill feeling sorry for myself, kill playing small, kill looking to others for understanding or approval etc…

That person I was is not who I Am anymore, I thank her and all of the lessons because they made me who I am today, but I’m not taking them with me anymore.

I know who I Am, and others don’t need to understand me or my journey. I don’t need to prove or explain myself, I don’t need to be understood, I don’t need to be accepted. All that matters is that I love and accept myself, and that is when I’m in alignment with the higher power, and who I truly am. I choose to fully live my truth. My GREATNESS, my power, my love, my purpose! And you can do this too.

We were all born to be GREAT. And when we choose to live in that greatness, our very presence inspires others to bring out the greatness within them.



So, it’s time to kill the old you. You don’t need them anymore, they don’t serve you. Their time is up. It’s time to be RE-BORN. It’s time to choose to be the greatest version of yourself. Choose LOVE over FEAR!

Deep down we all know who we truly are, we just have to ALLOW ourselves to be that. ALLOW YOURSELF TO FEEL GOOD.


  • LET GO OF THE PAST – Like I said, the past isn’t who you are any more and you don’t have to take it with you! The past is only in your mind and you are the one keeping it alive, and you are the one with the power to stop doing that. Choose to fully live in the NOW. Now is all there ever is. The past and future only exist in our minds. If the past doesn’t serve you, let it go. Let go of people from your past that don’t resonate with you anymore. Let go with love, if you have negative attachments to people, write them down, write down anyone who played a significant part in your life, good or bad! Thank them for being a teacher, even if they caused you pain, and thank them for being a blessing if they brought joy. Everyone we meet is a lesson in life, let them go if holding on doesn’t serve your greatest self.  Send the people from your past love and healing and let them go to be able to move forward, and align with the right people! Let go of holding onto your past as an excuse not to move forward. Let go of items from your past that make you feel bad when you see them. This is all old energy and in order to bring new, we must let go of the old! And let go of the past with LOVE! With gratitude for the lessons and the knowing that it doesn’t exist anymore, you don’t want it or need it, it’s gone, so LET GO!



  • LET GO OF THE HABITS THAT NO LONGER SERVE YOU – We become what we do every day, we become our daily habits and routines. Most of us do these every day feeling like were in robot mode, and can feel stuck in this routines because we’ve basically programmed ourselves to do them! We always have an opporuntity, to REPROGRAMME OURSELVES and choose better habits! I recommend keeping new habits going for 30 days to become natural! And then of course keep them going! Everyday decisions, everyday routines are our life. Choose better for the food you feed your body, does it come from life or death, therefore does it bring you life or death? Eat more plant based foods, make switches from coffee/fizzy juice/sugar based drinks to water, exercise daily, make gratitude lists through the day, meditate, stop watching tv and watch things that inspire you and motivate you, help you learn and grow! More nature, less city! More positivity! More love! More life!




  • SELF LOVE – Self love has healed me and allowed to me to be my true self and live my best life. Self love has shown me that I am both a masterpiece and work in progress at the same time. I recognise I could always be a bettter version of me but I celebrate all that I am while I build this better version, and how far I have come. We can always be better we can always grow, but accepting and loving ourselves now is what can allow that to happen! Otherwise you’re just going to be waiting for your happiness, and like I said we can constantly be better so don’t beat yourself up, celebrate yourself every day, focus on your wins and what you love about yourself, instead of where and what you are not. You ARE everything you want to be already! Act like it! Believe in yourself, you are the only you there will ever be and that’s SO f**king special! Recognise your gifts, your INNER beauty, the amazing being that you are and unapologetically love the shit out of yourself! Loving myself has allowed me to know that all the love and happiness I’ll ever need is within me and I don’t need anyone else to give that to me. I have standards for the people I have around me because I have self love and know my worth. I no longer need approval or acceptance outside of myself, and because I have love and acceptance for myself, that allows me to love and accept others. To not expect from others, to not take anything personally that others do. Self love doesn’t make you vain or selfish, it makes you INDESTRUCTIBLE! Self love is essential in life. Self love brings inner peace. Self love is connection to higher power. Self love is whats best for everyone, self love allows you to be full so that you can truly give unconditonally, without losing anything from yourself. Make the decision to start loving yourself now! (I talk more about self love in my book “How To Be A F**king Unicorn” which is available from me on IG @leahbrooklyn or on Amazon!


  • CREATE NEW BELIEFS – Change negative beliefs about yourself and life, and start creating, speaking and living new positive beliefs and repeat them often! “I BELIEVE IN MYSELF.’ ‘I AM ENOUGH’ ‘I AM GRATEFUL’  Get into a habit of believing life is great and it will be! You are the creator! If you decide in the morning you are going to have a great day, you will! If you decide to tell yourself you are good enough, you will start to feel it! Your beliefs create your reality, so decide to believe good things about yourself and life! Remember REPETITION IS KEY! Daily affirmations are powerful! Create a list of affirmations to speak and feel everyday to start believing, attracting and living them!



  • REMEMBER YOUR WHY – Having this precious, temporary life experience should be enough of a reason, but we all need a bigger WHY. A higher purpose, greater than just us. A reason to remember why it is that we should be the greatest version of ourselves. Is it to give a better life to your family? To help a community? To change the world? Who could you help by being the greatest version of yourself. I choose to shine because I want to help others be unafraid to be their greatest, truest selves and do what they truly want to do with their life. I want to be a voice for love, acceptance, unity, truth. A voice for those who feel like they don’t fit in. I will use my voice for self love, because when we love ourselves we can truly love others and therefore heal the world. World peace starts with inner peace.


  • FOCUS ON THE GOOD –  What we experience in life, is determined by what we focus on, and we always have a choice! ENERGY FLOWS WHERE ATTENTION GOES. In other words, wherever you are focusing is how you are feeling and therefore what you are experiencing as reality! You could moan all day, focus on all the things that are going wrong, being pessimistic, feeling miserable and have a terrible day. OR You could appreciate your blessings, the small things that we take for granted are the most powerful, being able to see, hear, taste, touch, smell, truly experience this life, the food on our table, air, clean water, appreciate nature and life, see everyday as a new adventure, create, listen to music we love, dance, spend time with someone we love, read a book that inspires us, and have a great day! Because you DECIDED TO FOCUS ON THE GOOD! That is something you really do have control of! Where is your focus?



  • ENJOY THE JOURNEY – Appreciate every moment of life, it is precious and is the only time there is. Stop waiting for happiness, and choose to be happy now! Accept where you are and love what you can, focus on that, and create a better future for yourself in every moment that you choose to be fully ALIVE!



This life is truly precious, and you truly are the creator.


















My Recent Media Coverage

Hello Beautiful Souls!


So in the past couple of weeks I have been in The Sun newspaper and interviewed by the lovely Ewan Cameron for the “Live At Five” show on STV2, talking about my debut book “How To Be A Fucking Unicorn” and also (more controversially) my belief that I Am an “alien”.



I just wanted to speak about this on my own website so that I can make clear my intentions and feelings…


I Am proud to live fully in my truth. Whether people “believe” me or support me or not, is nothing to do with me! I do not take anything personally anymore, because I know who I Am, and that is all that matters!







In life there will always be “haters” “naysayers”, people criticising you. It will happen no matter what you do, whether you are the nicest, kindest person in the world, or the opposite. People will ALWAYS have something to say, and so they should! We all have our own opinions and there’s nothing humans love more than making their opinions known! That’s absolutely cool with me! I know that by living and speaking my truth, I will connect with the beings that are meant to connect with me. The only way I can give my best and help others, is by being myself and that is exactly what I intend to do on my time on Planet Earth.


Small Minds Can't Comprehend Big Spirits


A few years ago if you would have told me I would think I’m an Alien, have dreadlocks and wrote a book to help people be their true selves, I wouldn’t have believed you! I was too busy trying to fit in and be like “everyone else” so that I was accepted. I no longer need to be accepted, the only person that needs to accept me is ME! It’s the same for you, believe in and love YOURSELF! You are only every going to be you for this life. It would be a shame to waste the magical, incredible being that you are, by trying to be something else so that others accept you!


Give love to those who send you the opposite, don’t let it bother you! Everyone has their own perspective of life, we are all living completely different lives and that is why it’s so important to stay true to YOURSELF! You are the only person that sees life through your eyes, others don’t have to understand your journey, it’s only for you to understand!


I will keep shining my light and being my truest self. I feel blessed that I have opporunities to spread the message of love, peace and self expression through the media to reach a large amount of people, no matter the respeonse I get, I know my intentions and I want to help as many as I possibly can and the media is an amazing way to connect to more people to remind them how amazing they are. We are truly limitless! I just want everyone to live their best possible life, because it is so precious. I want to make the biggest difference in the world I possibly can with my life, I can only do that by being me.


So, even if you have made fun of me, I want to tell you that I think you are AMAZING, and I hope you stay true to YOURSELF.









Hello Beautiful Souls!


I’m back posting on my blog! YAY! So many exciting things have happened this year and I Am so thankful! I have been vlogging more than blogging these days but I wanted to get back to sharing on this again, as well as my Instagram, Youtube and now newly on Facebook (Like my pages ‘Leah-Luna Lightwarrior’ and ‘11.11 Earth’)

It is so exciting to see my dreams coming into reality! Including one of my biggest dreams as a child of having my own clothing line!

I have been creating jackets since I started 11.11 Earth in July 2017, and I Am so extremely thankful for the love I receive, I have a waiting list for my jackets and it is so amazing and special that you beautiful souls love my creations so much that you have patience to receive one of your own! I Am doing my best to go through my waiting list as quickly as I can, I put so much love and time into my creations so that is why the wait is a little longer, but trust me it is worth it!

Since I have my waiting list for jackets, it encouraged me to start to expand my range, so I Am so excited to share my t shirts with you all!!!!

My T-Shirts will be launching on my Instagram @11.11earth and Etsy store in the bio on 

APRIL 18TH 2018 

The concept is “FREE YOUR MIND”

This is based on the power of the subconscious mind, and taking back control of your subconscious mind to create your own reality. Rather than the “reality” that the media/society brainwashes us into. Choose to BRAINWASH YOURSELF!


This video is great for information about the subconscious mind, and how to take back control so that you can CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY, and use your true power!



The media tells us who to be through television shows, newspapers, magazines etc. Fashion tells us who to be through “trends”.  Companies tell us who to be through marketing etc.

We do not have to follow any of this!


You are unique, incredible and beautiful as you are!


Also, Free Your Mind also means, stop listening to your mind – toxic thoughts etc – you are not your mind!

Live from your heart and soul and not your mind.

Free attachment from the mind through meditation. Our thoughts can make us suffer and it is so unnecessarily when we can control our thoughts and can choose to think thoughts that make us FEEL GOOD!


The artwork was drawn by me, the font is based on my love for street art – which I see as free expression, and the eye spiral is a symbol of going “DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE” which is often used to describe the journey of finding your truth, higher consciousness and opening your mind.

It is also symbolising hypnotism that is experienced when watching TV and other methods of mind control…



The back of the t-shirt is of course, my 11.11 Earth logo!

I Am so beyond happy with how they turned out! Not only does the artwork look AMAZING, also the quality of the t-shirt is INCREDIBLE!


So excited to see you beautiful souls in them!

Which colour do you prefer?

LAUNCHING 18.04.18

IG: @11.11EARTH

Peace, Love and Light




My Clothing Movement, 11:11 EARTH


I believe everyone should be free to be who they truly are. Who THEY choose to be. Not who they are told to be, by society, magazines, ‘trends’, ‘labels’. We should be encouraged and empowered to express who we truly are to the world, without fear of judgement.


Imagine how beautiful, colourful and free the world would feel if we all just allowed ourselves to be who we truly want to be, wear what makes us FEEL GOOD. Our light shines so bright when we feel good, and that then speads to everyone we meet! Raising the vibration of the world, through our self love.

I believe self love is how we change the world. If everyone loved themselves, they would freely be able to love others.

Style to me is something that expresses the spirit within you, to the world. Because we only see the physical, the clothes we wear and how we choose to decorate our bodies, is the expression of who we are within.




This is my vision for 11.11 EARTH. A positive, uplifting, inspiring, magical, empowering MOVEMENT of love and peace, through expression of TRUE SELF.

I call it a MOVEMENT and not a ‘clothing line’ as the intention is to spread LOVE and beautiful energy, peace and unity.


Through loving and being true to yourself, shining your light and your true magic within, you inspire others to do the same, and guide them to their own light. Therefore living our greatest lives, as our truest selves, raising the vibration on Earth (love is the highest frequency) LOVE IS HEALING.

I feel so blessed and thankful for the LOVE I have received so far for the 11.11 EARTH movement. I Am so truly passionate about this, so much love goes into every single creation and always will as my vision manifests.


I have started the movement with biker jackets, as it is an item that truly allows me to express my spirit and feel like my true self. So it felt only right for the clothing to start with a piece that I love.

Every jacket is created with so much loving energy and intention for the wearer. I believe the energy put into creating such special pieces is so important and the wearer will feel the energy when wearing the item! So I make sure only my best love and energy is used when I create!


I create through my intuition, I don’t plan on what I am going to write or where, I go with the flow. I find it is best to create with no mind, to be guided by the heart. It is such a beautiful satisfaction to see the final creation, and even more beautiful to know someone will be wearing it!

The clothing, in divine timing will include everything from jackets, to t-shirts, to shoes and accessories! I Am so excited for everything, but truly appreciating the beginning and seeing the movement grow and grow!


Thank you truly for all of the support so far, and keep an eye out on @11.11earth (Instagram) for everything that’s to come!

Peace, Love and Light








The year of 2017 is now ending, and we are approaching the beginning of 2018…

Every year it’s the same thing, we set our resolutions and most of us don’t really stick to them do we?!

Well this year will be different, because YOU are in control of your reality, whatever year you decide to have, the things you say you are going to do… only YOU can do them!

So, let’s get real here.

This isn’t just a new year.


EVERYDAY is a chance for a fresh start.

Every moment you have the power to choose how you experience life.

Life isn’t happening to us, it is RESPONDING to us.

So let’s get POSITIVE.



We can set intentions for EVERYDAY to make the most of every precious moment we have here, to reach our goals and LOVE OUR LIFE.

So, let’s talk about setting goals/intentions/resolutions… but the most important thing is that if you really wanna improve your life, it requires CHANGE, ACTION AND DEDICATION.



You cannot move forward if you are still looking back. To make way for the new experiences we wish to have in our lives, we must let go of the old. RELEASE ANYTHING THAT NO LONGER SERVES YOUR HIGHEST GOOD.


Whether that’s clutter in your home, a toxic relationship, a job that you hate etc

If you have something in your life that doesn’t make you FEEL GOOD, it’s time to let go! 


Ways to cleanse your life:

  • CLEAR YOUR WARDROBE – let go of the old you! Any clothes that no longer feel good when you wear them, you deserve to wear what makes you feel great, everyday!
  • DELETE YOUR TEXTS – especially anything negative conversations that happened this year, it’s time to let go! Don’t re-read! Live in the NOW
  • HEAL THE PAST – forgive others and forgive yourself for the past,  heal any arguments or disagreements that feel heavy on your mind/heart by communicating with the other person – if this can’t be done then write down how you feel, speak it out loud, let any emotion out and burn the paper and speak ‘I now release this from my life and welcome in positive, uplifting communication and relationships’
  • LET GO OF TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS – Toxic relationships are one of the main things that can hold us back in life, I’ve been there! All we want to do is please others and we feel guilty for letting others go but WE HAVE TO! For them and for us. If we cannot be our best selves around someone, our TRUE SELVES then what benefit does it bring to have them in our life? We cannot give our best to them if we do not feel our best therefore they will not benefit from the relationship either. We all deserve to be around the people that resonate with us, the people that we would CHOOSE to be around. Spend your life with people that UPLIFT you! You become like the 5 people you spend the most time with… are those 5 people a reflection of your true self, who you want to be, how you want to live?



We ALL have goals for life! It doesn’t necessarily have to be, to be rich, or travel the world, or be the inventor of a world changing product.

Success is whatever it means for YOU.

Decide what it is you want to achieve this year, what things do you want to do, what kind of people do you want to meet etc etc

Get a pen and paper and just write down EVERYTHING that you want from life. DO NOT LIMIT YOURSELF. Imagine you are a child, let your imagination run wild!


Don’t focus on what IS, just write what you want your life to be.

Then make all your notes into a bullet point list, giving as much detail as you can, and write your goals in the PRESENT, as if they have already came into reality… i.e..

‘ I have an incredible job that I feel truly passionate about. I look forward to working everyday because I Am doing what I love’

‘I Am a successful writer, my books have sold millions worldwide, and helped many people change their lives.’

‘I travel the world and meet new people and experience beautiful moments.’



Now that you have your goals written down, images are so helpful to add!

When we create a vision board we can look at the images of what we want and can truly imagine ourselves having them. This is a powerful part of the manifesting process.


So get some magazines, search on your computer, and print/cut out images, words, that describe your goals and the life you want to live.

Include how you wish to FEEL. So add pictures of the house you want, the car or whatever material thing, and also add words ‘SUCCESS’, ‘HAPPINESS’, ‘WEALTH‘ etc!

When you look at your vision board, really FEEL the feeling of HAVING WHAT YOU WANT. Imagine you already have it and feel the emotions and gratitude you would feel. This is the most powerful part of the visualisation process.

Then stick them to a big piece of cardboard or canvas, or straight to your wall. Place it somewhere you can see it EVERYDAY.





Our daily habits create our life. Most of us wake up in the morning and DO THE SAME THING.

We cannot create change in our lives if we are doing the same things!

Do small things everyday that will help you achieve your goals.

The most important part of your day is the MORNING, how you wake up and spend your morning, determines how the rest of your day will go!

So, it is important to create positive morning habits!

A great, life changing method is to wake up 1 hour before you normally would, and do 5 things, and give 20 mins to each thing. I learned this method from the book ‘The Miracle Morning’ By Hal Elrod








So most of us wake up in the morning, and what’s the first thing we do? Reach for our phone right?

Before checking your phone, before communicating with anyone else, OPEN YOUR EYES AND APPRECIATE THAT YOU ARE ALIVE AND IT’S A NEW DAY.

GET OUT OF BED, COUNT TO 5 AND GO! Before your mind convinces you to stay in bed, as soon as the alarm goes just force yourself out of bed!

Speak 5 things you are grateful for, even if it’s the smallest thing, you can always find something! Then follow the ‘SAVERS’ routine.

Silence – Starting your day just focusing on your breath and being sets your vibration for the day. I find it best to listen to a guided meditation on Youtube so that I have a focus, it helps my mind not think to much, and don’t worry if you keep thinking, it’s natural, we all do it! As soon as you feel your mind get distracted just bring it back to the breath.

Affirmations – The words we speak HAVE POWER. You are the person that speaks to yourself the most, so make sure you are speaking kind positive words.


Create daily affirmations that are in line with your goals/ the person you want to be, for example






This may feel silly at first, but this is a very powerful and essential technique. This is a way of re-programming our mind, say something enough and you’ll believe it! Speak with conviction!

Visualisation – This is when your vision board comes in!

Exercise – Your body is your home! It is important to keep it healthy and moving! Even if you stay inside and do some push ups, squats, running up and down the stairs. Make sure you do something everyday to keep your body healthy! Exercise is not just for losing weight, it is essential for a healthy body and a healthy, great life.


Reading – Reading positive, motivational books is an incredible way to change your life. They change your mindset, which changes your life! Read something everyday to learn more about life, read about something you love, read something that will benefit you (not magazines or newspapers)


Books I highly recommend:

  • The Miracle Morning By Hal Elrod
  • Think and Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill
  • The Secret By Rhonda Byrne
  • The Four Agreements By Don Miguel Ruiz

Scribing – Write your goals/intentions for the day, this gives you a focus and motivation to have a great day and be productive!




This is what will make you stick to your goals.

Why do you want to achieve them?

What is your motivation?

What is the feeling you want to feel when you achieve your goals?

Remember, this life is short, don’t waste it! LIVE WITH PURPOSE!


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Live your life as if you have already acheieved your goals.

You may not be able to see them yet, but you must believe in them to attract them.

Think about how you will feel when you achieve them, and feel that feeling NOW.

Imagine you are already the person you want to be, what would that person do?



If you want something you’ve never had you must do things you’ve never done.

Get out of your comfort zone!

You never know what opportunities will come! Visit new places, speak to new people, be OPEN to all possibilities!




Every moment you are working on your goals, you are also LIVING! So find ways to enjoy your life NOW, instead of waiting for your goals to appear before you give yourself permission to be happy!

Find the positives and focus on them, EVERYDAY!

LOVE YOURSELF! Make time to do the things that make you happy.

GIVE TO OTHERS, without expecting anything in return.

BE GRATEFUL FOR WHAT YOU HAVE NOW. If we are not happy with what we have now, what makes us think we would be happy if we had more? Be grateful for what is in your life now and you will attract more of that feeling!






Peace, Love and Light,