My Move to London!

So last week I moved (half) to London!

Very quickly, unexpectedly as I am not the biggest fan of London (or big city energies). But that’s what happens when you follow your HIGHER SELF, you just flow and everything happens so magically, truly no such thing as “random” or “coincidence”

I’d say my strongest communication with my Higher Self began around June, ‘it’ speaks to me through ‘epiphanies’ they almost feel like thoughts but you know the difference. It’s an instinct that you FEEL, and when you feel that’s when you know it’s right! (Always follow that feeling!)


Have you ever observed your own thoughts, so you are thinking but then there is ‘someone’ observing you thinking the thought. If the thought is you, then who is observing? Also YOU. We exist on different dimensions simultaneously, that is why your words and thoughts create your reality.

Higher Self is like your inner guidance system, so when it ‘speaks’ LISTEN and flow. You will feel magic like you couldn’t imagine. Life just flows when you follow it, it’s your path. It will tell me things I need to do to evolve to get the the next ‘step’ in my life and all through following, the right people, situations, experiences come into my path to be a lesson or a blessing.

So yeah, I will speak about that in more detail on another post.. on to how I got to moving to London

So another meeting planned by the Universe with a beautiful soul named Amber (a badass animal activist) led me to attending my first animal activism event ‘The Official Animal Rights March’ in London, early September.  I felt my higher self tell me to stay in London for a few more days so I decided to ask a few of my Instagram family in London if I could stay with them, they were out of town, so I decided to ask a Goddess I had on Instagram (Neecy) that I asked to come along to the march with me if I could stay with her (Neecy also purchased my first 11:11 Earth jacket! – so many more synchronicities within!)



Skip to the march (one of the greatest days of my life) and I met Neecy! It was INSTANT soul recognition! I knew she was my sistar as soon as I met her in the physical! The crazy thing was we didn’t even talk on Instagram before meeting!


My higher self told me to stay with her the night of the march, when I was planning on staying in a hostel. So I followed! We talked and talked all night as if we’d known each other forever. We had such a powerful awakening together the next day with so many meetings and events in such a short space of time that allowed us to realise SO MUCH. We just KNEW we were soul sistars, it was so magical!!!

I returned to London two weeks later, following my intuition to take my jackets to Universal Consciousness event, even though my mind thought ‘it’s such a sort space of time, will I have jackets ready…’ BLAH BLAH brain noise LOL

Never listen to your mind!


I ignored my mind and followed my heart and my intuition. SO MANY MAGICAL MEETINGS IN THE PHYSICAL WITH MY SOUL FAMILY AT THIS EVENT! That feeling of instant soul recognition is so magical it cannot be described in words, only FELT



After my spiritual awakening I spent so much time in solitude, in order to find, know and LOVE myself, then I knew my soul tribe would appear. Only when we are our truest selves can we meet the souls meant to join us on our path, our true family. Soul connection is like no other. It’s a knowing, where time and physical means nothing.

So yeah, all of these magical things happening, I knew I was supposed to be in London. Each message from my higher self I follow and get to the next step and evolve and grow and learn, hurt and heal. When you look back it’s actually unbelievable.


My first morning in London was super magical!

So I’ve never been much of a clubbing person, especially because of the energies and the alcohol etc. But the sound of a MORNING SOBER RAVE, with meditation and LOVE and UNITY. Was a YES.

So yeah, being on the tube at 6am wearing my space boots sat next to all the ‘suits’ on their way to their corporate cages was hilarious. I think everyone on the train was staring at me LMAO.


That’s what I love about being ‘awake’ and my truest self. I no longer care what anyone thinks. I Am aware that this life is temporary, so I follow LOVE and not fear. we are being controlled by fear, set yourself free by living through LOVE. Live everyday TRULY. Do what makes YOU happy, take chances, have fun! You are the creator of your life. The life you experience is your perception of it. We all live in our own version of reality, that we can consciously create.


Dancing, being happy, having fun, CELEBRATING LIFE (and bananas) in the morning with amazing souls… this is truly LIVING. Who says there’s a certain time or day we should have fun? Living is for every moment!

There are so many things that I wanna journal, but I feel deserve separate posts!

I Am so grateful for the FLOW of life and connections with my soul family, and so excited for all the adventures and magic still to come! But right now i honor and thank the NOW. The now is all we have.

Living with my soul sistar is so MAGICAL! It’s a childhood dream manifested! She brings out my inner child and your inner child is your truth, it’s what keeps you truly living! We balance each other, we say what each other needs to hear, we are truly connected and help each other elevate!


IMG_20170916_115620 (1)



So yeah right now I’m living between Scotland and London, I believe ALL of Earth is ‘home’, we do not belong to certain ‘countries’ there are no borders. We are ONE. So a nomad is what I”ll always be…

Peace, Love and Light,






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