What “Style” Means To Me

I write this blog post as I watch a documentary on one of my biggest inspirations, Jimi Hendrix. I have had a deep love for him since I was young. Since I became my authentic self, the more connected to him I feel, he reminds me of myself. He reminds me to be true to my soul, to not care what anyone thinks, to be the greatest I can be. To just create and be free. He reminds me to be ME.

In my opinion, pop culture and ‘celebrities’ have such a huge influence on what people do, what they wear, what products they buy etc, that people can lose themselves through that, and find themselves wanting to be someone else, because that’s what the media tells them to be, sells to them to be. If dressing like your favourite celebrity or whatever makes you feel good, then do it! But if it’s not truly how you want to express yourself, and it’s only because it’s what they do, then it will be temporary happiness and just a matter of waiting for the next thing they are doing/wearing to imitate them again.

Why be an imitation of someone else when you can be your authentic self?


YOU are the only you there will ever be! BE THE TRUEST, GREATEST VERSION OF YOURSELF. That is how you shine, and that is why the “greats” shine like they do, they are just being themselves! We all have the potential to be truly GREAT.





I have been inspired by clothing and style ever since I can remember. As a child I’d say ‘Does my outfit match?’ before I left the house! I was unafraid to express myself and be myself. I always knew who I was and I always took so much inspiration from music, so many of my looks through my childhood and teens were inspired by the style of music I loved.

As a teenager I had many sketchbooks where I would design and express myself, imagining I had my own clothing line. (I now realise I was manifesting!)

I was always influenced by humans that were in music or fashion in the public eye, because they were doing what I wanted to be doing, inspiring others and creating, doing what they love and sharing it with the world. 

I still Am inspired by many but in a different way, I believe in looking to others to remind us of ourselves, to inspire what is within us, not to try and be them, but to be ourselves through their inspiration.

My goal in life is to inspire others to BE THEMSELVES through being true to myself and shining my light. I believe shining your light guides others to their own.



Through my spiritual awakening, I realised you have to unlearn all you were told to be, so that what’s left is who you truly are. Since April 2016 layers of me have been shed, the past has been shed, everything I was told to be by others subconsciously or consciously, I reprogrammed my own mind, I found my soul, I kept finding more and more of my self, AND THERE I WAS.


As I found who I was WITHIN, it was visible through my physical appearance, you can literally see my EVOLVING through how I look. I can see how lost I was, I thought I knew who I was, but the true me was trying to come out, through my loves and the things that made my soul light up. Evolving is a continuous process, everyday is the opportunity to grow and learn.






Every picture here reminds me of different stages that were so profound for me in my journey of life. Expressed through my style, that is how I express my spirit. From 2015 to now has been so incredible, I feel like I have experienced a whole lifetime in that time, it is has been filled with so much growth that I have ‘changed’ so many times. I became more and more myself through everything life taught me. 2017 has felt like my whole life, I feel I was truly born in 2017 and I believe I found my truest self from June 2017, that is when I started truly expressing who I Am because I KNOW WHO I AM. It is the most freeing, incredible feeling to be myself. So incredible to know I Am always evolving and becoming, just being MY TRUE SELF to live my TRUE PURPOSE.


I believe being yourself is the healing of the world.




If I were to look at the different things that influence my style…

  • FANTASY – magic, glitter, space, unicorns, iridescent, colourful… I believe ‘fantasy’ is actually ‘reality’, it is the spirit world that we are made to believe comes from our imagination. I just love spreading MAGIC in this world, colour, fun, inner child! FREE!
  • ROCK N’ ROLL/PUNK– main influences, Slash and Jimi Hendrix – I Am attracted to their energy and individual styles/ signature looks. The powerful energy and presence is something that helps me feel empowered, strong and sexy! There is no shame in embracing your sexual energy, it can be very powerful if used for YOU. I used to be ashamed of feeling comfortable in my sexual self, the media have completely changed the perspective of sex, but that’s a different story that I will write a post about! I realised my ‘fire’, sexual, extrovert side comes so naturally when I perform, it’s all about balance and using it to help me elevate, feel confident and live my purpose. Chanelling my ‘Slash’ energy is what helped me embrace my badass Goddess within. 
  • 90’S – in all aspects grunge, pop, r’n’b, 90’s was the era I was born and lived in as a child, and your inner child is your true self
  • NATURE – NATURE IS WHO WE ARE. We are one with all, so of course nature influences my style. Also in the aspect of nude skin. Naked is our natural state of being, it is how we arrived onto this planet. It is not a sexual thing, it is our skin, our body. So I am not ashamed to say I love being naked. Not for the attention of men or to be seen sexually, but for the empowerment and connection with myself! NUDITY IS NATURE.



Items that represent me and I always wear are:

  • Jewels on my face, I wear a jewel in between my eyebrows to represent the ‘Third Eye’ and my awakening that changed my life
  • Necklaces and crystals, and my baby is my Orgonite Alien Pendant which is not only beautiful and reminds me of my truth, but is also energy protection (created by @orgonised_consciousness on IG)
  • Chunky Rings, I LOVE rings and usually wear at least two on the one hand, but I wish I had more fingers so I could just wear so so many rings ha! My absolute baby is my ring from The Great Frog which reminds me of a certain time that I learned so many lessons and represented the beginning of a new chapter in my journey.
  • Biker jackets, I have always loved biker jackets! My clothing movement 11.11 EARTH has started with biker jackets. I just followed my intuition to create a jacket for a photoshoot one day, and then a few months later I had an epiphany that it was time to follow my dreams of  designing clothing and then 11.11 Earth was born!
  • Boots,  Of course all my boots are synthetic leather, as I don’t wear animals. I love classic Doc Martens, cowboy boots, and crazy platform boots!
  • Heavy accessories- one earring, chains, belts, necklaces, rings, I don’t feel dressed until I have an overload of accessories!



I love style. I see it as EXPRESSION. We are what’s within our physical bodies, our spirits, our souls. I believe our ‘style’ is how we show who we are. I Am so attracted to humans who I can see are freely expressing themselves, fearlessly, apologetically. The INDIVIDUALS not the trend followers, the ones who are dressing from their HEARTS not caring whether or not people like it. Wearing what you want to wear, not because it’s fashionable or ‘cool’, but because it’s WHO YOU ARE. There are no limitations in style, wear what makes you feel good! Doesn’t matter if it’s on ‘trend’ or ‘season’ or if celebrities are wearing it or whatever, or even if people will call you crazy for wearing it. If you love it, then DO IT.











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