Hello Beautiful Souls!


I’m back posting on my blog! YAY! So many exciting things have happened this year and I Am so thankful! I have been vlogging more than blogging these days but I wanted to get back to sharing on this again, as well as my Instagram, Youtube and now newly on Facebook (Like my pages ‘Leah-Luna Lightwarrior’ and ‘11.11 Earth’)

It is so exciting to see my dreams coming into reality! Including one of my biggest dreams as a child of having my own clothing line!

I have been creating jackets since I started 11.11 Earth in July 2017, and I Am so extremely thankful for the love I receive, I have a waiting list for my jackets and it is so amazing and special that you beautiful souls love my creations so much that you have patience to receive one of your own! I Am doing my best to go through my waiting list as quickly as I can, I put so much love and time into my creations so that is why the wait is a little longer, but trust me it is worth it!

Since I have my waiting list for jackets, it encouraged me to start to expand my range, so I Am so excited to share my t shirts with you all!!!!

My T-Shirts will be launching on my Instagram @11.11earth and Etsy store in the bio on 

APRIL 18TH 2018 

The concept is “FREE YOUR MIND”

This is based on the power of the subconscious mind, and taking back control of your subconscious mind to create your own reality. Rather than the “reality” that the media/society brainwashes us into. Choose to BRAINWASH YOURSELF!


This video is great for information about the subconscious mind, and how to take back control so that you can CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY, and use your true power!



The media tells us who to be through television shows, newspapers, magazines etc. Fashion tells us who to be through “trends”.  Companies tell us who to be through marketing etc.

We do not have to follow any of this!


You are unique, incredible and beautiful as you are!


Also, Free Your Mind also means, stop listening to your mind – toxic thoughts etc – you are not your mind!

Live from your heart and soul and not your mind.

Free attachment from the mind through meditation. Our thoughts can make us suffer and it is so unnecessarily when we can control our thoughts and can choose to think thoughts that make us FEEL GOOD!


The artwork was drawn by me, the font is based on my love for street art – which I see as free expression, and the eye spiral is a symbol of going “DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE” which is often used to describe the journey of finding your truth, higher consciousness and opening your mind.

It is also symbolising hypnotism that is experienced when watching TV and other methods of mind control…



The back of the t-shirt is of course, my 11.11 Earth logo!

I Am so beyond happy with how they turned out! Not only does the artwork look AMAZING, also the quality of the t-shirt is INCREDIBLE!


So excited to see you beautiful souls in them!

Which colour do you prefer?

LAUNCHING 18.04.18

IG: @11.11EARTH

Peace, Love and Light




My Clothing Movement, 11:11 EARTH


I believe everyone should be free to be who they truly are. Who THEY choose to be. Not who they are told to be, by society, magazines, ‘trends’, ‘labels’. We should be encouraged and empowered to express who we truly are to the world, without fear of judgement.


Imagine how beautiful, colourful and free the world would feel if we all just allowed ourselves to be who we truly want to be, wear what makes us FEEL GOOD. Our light shines so bright when we feel good, and that then speads to everyone we meet! Raising the vibration of the world, through our self love.

I believe self love is how we change the world. If everyone loved themselves, they would freely be able to love others.

Style to me is something that expresses the spirit within you, to the world. Because we only see the physical, the clothes we wear and how we choose to decorate our bodies, is the expression of who we are within.




This is my vision for 11.11 EARTH. A positive, uplifting, inspiring, magical, empowering MOVEMENT of love and peace, through expression of TRUE SELF.

I call it a MOVEMENT and not a ‘clothing line’ as the intention is to spread LOVE and beautiful energy, peace and unity.


Through loving and being true to yourself, shining your light and your true magic within, you inspire others to do the same, and guide them to their own light. Therefore living our greatest lives, as our truest selves, raising the vibration on Earth (love is the highest frequency) LOVE IS HEALING.

I feel so blessed and thankful for the LOVE I have received so far for the 11.11 EARTH movement. I Am so truly passionate about this, so much love goes into every single creation and always will as my vision manifests.


I have started the movement with biker jackets, as it is an item that truly allows me to express my spirit and feel like my true self. So it felt only right for the clothing to start with a piece that I love.

Every jacket is created with so much loving energy and intention for the wearer. I believe the energy put into creating such special pieces is so important and the wearer will feel the energy when wearing the item! So I make sure only my best love and energy is used when I create!


I create through my intuition, I don’t plan on what I am going to write or where, I go with the flow. I find it is best to create with no mind, to be guided by the heart. It is such a beautiful satisfaction to see the final creation, and even more beautiful to know someone will be wearing it!

The clothing, in divine timing will include everything from jackets, to t-shirts, to shoes and accessories! I Am so excited for everything, but truly appreciating the beginning and seeing the movement grow and grow!


Thank you truly for all of the support so far, and keep an eye out on @11.11earth (Instagram) for everything that’s to come!

Peace, Love and Light