“Killing” My Old Self. RE-BIRTH.


Okay, so the title of this blog can seem a bit morbid and dark, but I promise this is a VERY positive blog that I feel a lot of us need to see.

It’s not morbid, however I Am going to be REAL. Life gets dark. It’s not all sunshine, rainbows and Unicorns (although we wish it was!) or do we really wish it was, because then how would we grow? How would we learn, how would we experience? What would be the point of life if everything was good all the time, it would get boring, right?!

We ALL have low times. Like shit, really fucking low times. We ALL have felt depressed, anxious, frustrated, confused, numb, upset at some point in our lives. And I bet most of us have also thought about just giving up and ending our lives at some point. I definitely have many times. and that is nothing to be ashamed about, life can get hard! Mentally more than anything, your mind can drive you crazy! I know because I experience it.

However, we don’t have to end our lives to feel better, We always have the opportunity to begin again. Instead of killing ourselves, we “kill” all of the things in our life that don’t serve us anymore. We “kill” the version of ourselves that we don’t want to be anymore, in order to give “birth” to a new and improved version of ourselves. One that is being true to yourself and living the best life you can!



The reason that feeling so bad, well, feels SO BAD! Is because your inner being, source, The Universe, Higher Power, God, whatever you like to call it, doesn’t join you in that feeling. Your inner being is with you when you feel joy, when you feel satisfaction, when you feel peace, ALL OF THE GOOD STUFF! Your inner being is right there with you and that is why it feels SO good! WHEN YOU FEEL GOOD YOU ARE VIBRATIONAL ALIGNMENT WITH WHO YOU TRULY ARE. The LIMITLESS, INFINITE BEING THAT YOU TRULY ARE.

This is a powerful realisation. Outside circumstances aren’t what matter, what matters is how we CHOOSE to respond to them. Nothing can have power over you unless you let it. I have learned/remembered that we are not just physical beings, this physical reality is a temporary experience. WE ARE ENERGY. We are vibrational beings. The reason why we want the things we want, is for how we think we are going to FEEL when we have those things! But so many of us get caught up in that thing we think is our happiness being missing, and give all of our attention to that thing, person, job, situation whatever it is being missing, instead of appreciating what we have NOW! We actually make ourselves feel bad by choosing to give our focus to what is bringing us down.


We all love to hang onto those things that are bringing us down. Talk about them over and over again to ourselves, our friends, whoever will listen. We keep feeling bad so we have an excuse to overeat, to smoke, to drink, to do things that numb our pain and just temporarily cover it up. We keep feeling bad so we get sympathy, “oh poor me give me attention because I feel so bad”. We may feel stuck in our past and feel like that’s who we are and we have to take it with us… whatever the reason is, too many of us humans like to stay in our pity party.

The most powerful thing I have realised through depression, is that I have a CHOICE. how I feel is up to me and no one else.

We are EVOLVING beings. We are meant to grow, we are not meant to stay the same all of our lives. All of the situations, people, events etc in our lives are all lessons, and we can transform them and use them to become stronger, better versions of ourselves. We are not defined by our past, by the things that have happened to us, they are just part of our journey and we can thank them, no matter how bad the experience was, we are able to use that experience to grow, and also to help others who are going through what we went through! But our past isn’t who we are. Our past situations and beliefs don’t have to stay with us through our lives.


Because we are meant to evolve, when we are not evolving and we are holding on to the past or keeping up habits, beliefs, mindsets that don’t serve our highest good. We feel reeeeaaallly UNCOMFORTABLE! But like so uncomfortable that it feels comfortable, do you know what I mean?! Like you feel stuck there and don’t know how to move forward. And you’re there in that vicious cycle.  I now recognise that when I feel this uncomfortable, stuck, stagnant, low feeling, that it’s time for change and it’s time for me to grow.

Things I look at when I feel this way:

  • How am I feeling?
  • Why do I feel this way, what is making me feel this way?
  • How can I learn from this?
  • What can I do to move forward and grow? How would I rather feel?


Every time I have these low times, as horrible as they are,  I come out of the other side and feel truly REBORN. I recognise these times as the most valuable times in my life, I am grateful for them, because I know that I have the power to let them MAKE ME and not break me!


Since my spiritual awakening I have had more low times than I have ever had in my life! But it’s only that way because before I had my awakening, I thought the way I felt was normal and just continued to feel that way because I didn’t know what self love and alignment felt like or was. I was completely low on self esteem, looked to others for approval, looked for men to be attracted to me, tried to make myself fit in when I felt so uncomfortable etc etc.

However the low times during my spiritual journey have felt so bad because I know the opposite, I know what it feels like to be in alignment with who I truly am and how fucking incredible and MAGICAL it feels, and when I had my first low time after my awakening I thought “FUCK OMG AM I GOING BACK TO MY OLD WAY OF LIFE AGAIN?!”

And I now know that once you are awake, you are awake eternally. And these low times I have, are old parts of me coming up to be healed. So that I am letting go of all that is not me, so that I can live in my natural, true state of being, who I truly am within before any one else on Earth told me who I should be.

Just when I thought I had healed myself, everything was going so incredible in my life, I released my book “How To Be A F**king Unicorn”, I have my own clothing line 11.11 Earth etc etc, so many of my childhood dreams were coming into reality and I felt on top of the world! Then BAM! I started feeling so overwhelmed, my old insecurities and self doubt started coming up, I have been feeling so many things that I know are not who I am anymore. So many things I felt in my school days, in old friendships etc etc. And I’m like “why am I feeling this way again?!”

The past couple of months I have been healing my “old self” and recognising why I feel this way, where it came from and the lesson in it and giving it love so I can be my TRUE SELF.

So things have been coming up like for example, being scared to go back to dance class. I recognised the reason I was feeling this way is because when I used to go to classes or auditions or any environment like that, I would feel like I was in competition with others there. I would feel like I needed to prove my worth because I felt not good enough and intimidated. I now see I don’t need to feel this way anymore because I love myself, I know who I am and my purpose and I don’t need others to approve of me or understand me. There is no competition in life, no one can live my purpose, no one can take my dreams from me, there is enough room for all of us and we should be encouraging each other, not trying to one up each other! When others make you feel inferior, it is because they feel a lack of self love so project that onto you to try and make themselves feel better! I have had social anxiety for so long because of fear of what others thought of me, fear of rejection etc. And self love is the healer.


I recognise that all of my anxiety and fear have come from not feeling good enough. So I have been letting these feelings out. What situations in life made me feel this way and why? It all stems from my childhood, and has been a repeating pattern with different friends, lovers and situations since. All helping me heal and grow.

For so long in my life I have been afraid to shine, afraid to be my greatest self and follow my dreams because I was scared of what others thought of me. “Who does she think she is” would often be a reaction I played over and over. I was scared to be critisised, misunderstood and rejected. Which is why I tried so hard to fit in for most of my life, and I STILL felt this way! Even more so. So what I’ve learned is, we shouldn’t be scared to shine and suppress ourselves and play small because of fear of what others may think. WE WERE ALL BORN TO BE GREAT, and the only way you can remind others of their greatness is by BEING THE GREATEST YOU.

Now I know I am not this person who doesn’t feel good enough anymore, and my old habits and mindsets have been trying to move forward with me and they feel so uncomfortable in my being and not a representation of who I truly am. I am so bored and DONE with playing small, hiding, trying to make others understand me, worrying about how others see me and all of this stuff that I felt in the past.


I realised I need to kill the old me.

Kill the low self esteem, kill not feeling good enough, kill numbing my pain with temporary pleasure, kill feeling sorry for myself, kill playing small, kill looking to others for understanding or approval etc…

That person I was is not who I Am anymore, I thank her and all of the lessons because they made me who I am today, but I’m not taking them with me anymore.

I know who I Am, and others don’t need to understand me or my journey. I don’t need to prove or explain myself, I don’t need to be understood, I don’t need to be accepted. All that matters is that I love and accept myself, and that is when I’m in alignment with the higher power, and who I truly am. I choose to fully live my truth. My GREATNESS, my power, my love, my purpose! And you can do this too.

We were all born to be GREAT. And when we choose to live in that greatness, our very presence inspires others to bring out the greatness within them.



So, it’s time to kill the old you. You don’t need them anymore, they don’t serve you. Their time is up. It’s time to be RE-BORN. It’s time to choose to be the greatest version of yourself. Choose LOVE over FEAR!

Deep down we all know who we truly are, we just have to ALLOW ourselves to be that. ALLOW YOURSELF TO FEEL GOOD.


  • LET GO OF THE PAST – Like I said, the past isn’t who you are any more and you don’t have to take it with you! The past is only in your mind and you are the one keeping it alive, and you are the one with the power to stop doing that. Choose to fully live in the NOW. Now is all there ever is. The past and future only exist in our minds. If the past doesn’t serve you, let it go. Let go of people from your past that don’t resonate with you anymore. Let go with love, if you have negative attachments to people, write them down, write down anyone who played a significant part in your life, good or bad! Thank them for being a teacher, even if they caused you pain, and thank them for being a blessing if they brought joy. Everyone we meet is a lesson in life, let them go if holding on doesn’t serve your greatest self.  Send the people from your past love and healing and let them go to be able to move forward, and align with the right people! Let go of holding onto your past as an excuse not to move forward. Let go of items from your past that make you feel bad when you see them. This is all old energy and in order to bring new, we must let go of the old! And let go of the past with LOVE! With gratitude for the lessons and the knowing that it doesn’t exist anymore, you don’t want it or need it, it’s gone, so LET GO!



  • LET GO OF THE HABITS THAT NO LONGER SERVE YOU – We become what we do every day, we become our daily habits and routines. Most of us do these every day feeling like were in robot mode, and can feel stuck in this routines because we’ve basically programmed ourselves to do them! We always have an opporuntity, to REPROGRAMME OURSELVES and choose better habits! I recommend keeping new habits going for 30 days to become natural! And then of course keep them going! Everyday decisions, everyday routines are our life. Choose better for the food you feed your body, does it come from life or death, therefore does it bring you life or death? Eat more plant based foods, make switches from coffee/fizzy juice/sugar based drinks to water, exercise daily, make gratitude lists through the day, meditate, stop watching tv and watch things that inspire you and motivate you, help you learn and grow! More nature, less city! More positivity! More love! More life!




  • SELF LOVE – Self love has healed me and allowed to me to be my true self and live my best life. Self love has shown me that I am both a masterpiece and work in progress at the same time. I recognise I could always be a bettter version of me but I celebrate all that I am while I build this better version, and how far I have come. We can always be better we can always grow, but accepting and loving ourselves now is what can allow that to happen! Otherwise you’re just going to be waiting for your happiness, and like I said we can constantly be better so don’t beat yourself up, celebrate yourself every day, focus on your wins and what you love about yourself, instead of where and what you are not. You ARE everything you want to be already! Act like it! Believe in yourself, you are the only you there will ever be and that’s SO f**king special! Recognise your gifts, your INNER beauty, the amazing being that you are and unapologetically love the shit out of yourself! Loving myself has allowed me to know that all the love and happiness I’ll ever need is within me and I don’t need anyone else to give that to me. I have standards for the people I have around me because I have self love and know my worth. I no longer need approval or acceptance outside of myself, and because I have love and acceptance for myself, that allows me to love and accept others. To not expect from others, to not take anything personally that others do. Self love doesn’t make you vain or selfish, it makes you INDESTRUCTIBLE! Self love is essential in life. Self love brings inner peace. Self love is connection to higher power. Self love is whats best for everyone, self love allows you to be full so that you can truly give unconditonally, without losing anything from yourself. Make the decision to start loving yourself now! (I talk more about self love in my book “How To Be A F**king Unicorn” which is available from me on IG @leahbrooklyn or on Amazon!


  • CREATE NEW BELIEFS – Change negative beliefs about yourself and life, and start creating, speaking and living new positive beliefs and repeat them often! “I BELIEVE IN MYSELF.’ ‘I AM ENOUGH’ ‘I AM GRATEFUL’  Get into a habit of believing life is great and it will be! You are the creator! If you decide in the morning you are going to have a great day, you will! If you decide to tell yourself you are good enough, you will start to feel it! Your beliefs create your reality, so decide to believe good things about yourself and life! Remember REPETITION IS KEY! Daily affirmations are powerful! Create a list of affirmations to speak and feel everyday to start believing, attracting and living them!



  • REMEMBER YOUR WHY – Having this precious, temporary life experience should be enough of a reason, but we all need a bigger WHY. A higher purpose, greater than just us. A reason to remember why it is that we should be the greatest version of ourselves. Is it to give a better life to your family? To help a community? To change the world? Who could you help by being the greatest version of yourself. I choose to shine because I want to help others be unafraid to be their greatest, truest selves and do what they truly want to do with their life. I want to be a voice for love, acceptance, unity, truth. A voice for those who feel like they don’t fit in. I will use my voice for self love, because when we love ourselves we can truly love others and therefore heal the world. World peace starts with inner peace.


  • FOCUS ON THE GOOD –  What we experience in life, is determined by what we focus on, and we always have a choice! ENERGY FLOWS WHERE ATTENTION GOES. In other words, wherever you are focusing is how you are feeling and therefore what you are experiencing as reality! You could moan all day, focus on all the things that are going wrong, being pessimistic, feeling miserable and have a terrible day. OR You could appreciate your blessings, the small things that we take for granted are the most powerful, being able to see, hear, taste, touch, smell, truly experience this life, the food on our table, air, clean water, appreciate nature and life, see everyday as a new adventure, create, listen to music we love, dance, spend time with someone we love, read a book that inspires us, and have a great day! Because you DECIDED TO FOCUS ON THE GOOD! That is something you really do have control of! Where is your focus?



  • ENJOY THE JOURNEY – Appreciate every moment of life, it is precious and is the only time there is. Stop waiting for happiness, and choose to be happy now! Accept where you are and love what you can, focus on that, and create a better future for yourself in every moment that you choose to be fully ALIVE!



This life is truly precious, and you truly are the creator.


















11 Ways To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

‘When you were born, everyone assured you that you could do, have and be anything you wanted when you grew up. So, now that you’ve grown up, are you doing, having and being anything and everything you’ve ever wanted? Or somewhere along the way, did you redefine ‘anything’ and ‘everything’ to include settling for less than you truly want?’ – ‘The Miracle Morning’ By Hal Elrod



When we were young we knew what we wanted to be, or do in life. We had no doubt in our mind, no second thought. Our imagination ran wild, we knew ANYTHING was possible.

Then what happened?

Other people told us who to be,  and then we settled for less than what we truly want.


ALL of us wanna live our greatest lives. Within our careers, our relationships, our finances, our health. None of us want average, but some of us accept average because they forget that YOU create your reality. You do not have to settle, settling is a choice, no matter the circumstances, you can ALWAYS do what you BELIEVE you can.

Don’t let fear take over, just DO IT. Believe and trust, KNOW that you will achieve your goals and don’t stop until you do.




Here are some steps that WILL help you achieve your dreams. All YOU have to do, is DO IT. Stay focused. Never, ever give up.




THE most important factor in achieving your goals. Know that there is and will only ever be one YOU.  Your life is up to you and no one else. No one can tell you what you really want, only you know that. No one else can tell you how to live your life, you have a choice. Accept what others choose for your reality, or create your own. You must be confident within yourself and have no doubt that you will achieve your goals. If we love ourselves and believe in ourselves, then nothing anyone says will stop us. You do not have to live the life your parents want for you, or society says you should, or your teachers taught you, YOU CHOOSE YOUR LIFE. 



Encourage yourself, uplift yourself, motivate yourself. The person we speak to the most is ourselves so make sure you are saying kind things. Don’t be hard on yourself, CELEBRATE WHO YOU ARE. Celebrate all of your little wins, focus on all your positive aspects. Until you love every part of yourself that nothing can stop you.

Ways To Love Yourself: Stop people pleasing, treat yourself, speak affirmations every day i.e ‘I Am beautiful’ ‘I Am powerful’, do things that make you happy, wear what makes you feel good.. 



It’s quite possible that you may be the only person that believes in your dreams. You may not fit in, you may have a different mindset than others and feel like you are playing small to make others feel comfortable. It’s time to stop living to please others. Learn to say no. You must look after yourself first. Honor yourself. Don’t be afraid to let go of negative relationships, or situations that hold you back. 


Only by spending time alone can you get to know yourself, can you truly love yourself and find your true life path. It’s blocking out the noise of everyone elses opinions and focusing on your own inner voice. To follow your dreams, you have to stop caring about what other people think. You’re not going to be here one day, so live for YOU. 

No, it’s not easy to be alone, but it is worth it. Once you spend time alone, getting to know, love, heal and improve yourself, can you be the best version of yourself. Therefore achieving your dreams, and finding your ‘tribe’ that has the same vision as you, therefore being a TRUE connection and you can elevate and encourage each other. 



The most important thing in life is to enjoy the NOW. Live in the present, appreciate the present. Be grateful for all you have, even if it’s as simple as breathing and being alive! Focus on what you have and not what you don’t have.

Whether you have achieved your dreams or not, this is still a precious day of your life! So look for things to be grateful for, focus on the positives. Find a way to live your dreams everyday, don’t wish your life away and wait for happiness. Happiness can be right NOW. It’s all about your perspective. Do the things that bring you joy!



EVERYTHING IS VIBRATION. You attract what you put out. So it is so important to FEEL GOOD NOW to attract your dreams into your life.

We want to achieve our dreams for the feeling that we will have when we achieve it. Happiness, joy, excitement, appreciation etc, so FEEL THAT NOW.





If you had your dreams right now, what would you be doing, saying, wearing, how would you be acting?

Recreate yourself into the person you want to be. Act as if you are this person until you are. IMAGINE THE GREATEST VERSION OF YOURSELF POSSIBLE, THAT’S WHO YOUR TRULY ARE.


The more you feel like you are living your dreams now, the quicker they will be attracted into your reality. 

Find small ways to attract your dreams, for example if you dream of meeting a lover, take yourself on dates, buy an extra toothbrush. If you wish to travel, go on small adventures, take the bus to a random place, explore and try new things! Doing these things attract new feelings which attract your dreams.



When you hold onto the past, you are not allowing new things to flow to you. You must release the past to move forward. This could be past situations, relationships, possessions etc.



Release all that no longer serves you and your dreams. This may be painful but it allows you to grow. Thank the past and everything it taught you, but now it is time to move forward. The past no longer exists, there is no reason to still live there. Everyday is a new day and a new opportunity to grow. 




Your comfort zone can turn into your prison. If we are comfortable, we get lazy and start to procrastinate. TIME IS ALL WE HAVE, it must be used wisely.

Some people tiptoe through life, hoping to make it safely to death. Truth is, none of us are making it out alive, so what is the point in being comfortable?

PUSH YOURSELF to grow. There are no limits, keep learning new things, conquering fears, taking risks. Grow and grow, be better and better.


To follow your dreams you must have the courage to take a ‘risk’. That is how greatness is achieved, trust in your journey. Let go of fear, to do this we must conquer our fears one by one. BE GREAT.

Never see ‘mistakes’ or ‘failures’, there are only lessons. Every person, every experience is there to teach us. Grow from the setbacks, trust the detours. Everything happens for a reason and in the right time. Just keep trusting, keep moving forward, and learn from EVERYTHING.






A positive mindset is ESSENTIAL for attracting your dreams.

Listen to motivational speakers, read inspiring books. The difference these simple things make in your perspective is incredible.

What we read, listen to, watch, all goes into our subconscious mind, which affects our reality and creates our everyday habits. You are in control of what you feed your subconscious mind, so choose to watch, read and listen to things that are in line with your dreams.

Have a mentor, even if it’s someone you don’t know or is not necessarily with you in person, I.E someone you look up to with similar gifts, a ‘hero’ of yours. Know that if they can do it, so can you! Take inspiration from them to remind you of your goals.




This is very important!

Write down your major goals for life, DO NOT LIMIT YOURSELF. Use your imagination and write this list knowing that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Do not hesitate, write EXACTLY what you want. The more detail the better.

Personally I have a list of my biggest goals, then my year goals, five year goals etc. So I have made my big goals into smaller goals.

Set small goals for yourself everyday that are in line with your big goals. Each small goal you achieve helps you get to your bigger goal! Progress is progress no matter how small it may seem!


Visionboard quote

A board of pictures and words that reflect your goals and the life you want to live. Cut out scraps of the place you want to live, the places you want to travel to, the car you want etc etc. And look at it EVERYDAY! Vision boards are so powerful! Put it somewhere where you will always see it, to keep you motivated!

Remember to always keep your words in the PRESENT tense when writing your goals







Do not focus on ‘how’ you will get to your dreams. Know your end result and focus on that. Your dream can come into your life in many different ways, so do not get attached to a particular job, or opportunity, or partner. Be open to how your dreams will come to you, just keep moving forward.

Trust in your intuition to guide you to meet the right people, situations etc that will bring your dreams into your reality. Whenever you get an instinct to do something, or go somewhere, follow it! Take action on your instincts.

When you manifest your dreams, you have to meet the Universe halfway, by taking action and moving forward. Your intuition is your inner guidance to take you in the right direction!




Focus on the 24 hours in front of you. If you have a big goal, don’t focus on how far it is from you, just use the day in front of you to be closer to where you want to be. If you have a job, make time in the morning or the evening that help you grow towards your goals. (The Miracle Morning is an incredible book to help you find time for your dreams even if you think you are too busy!)

Change your habits to change your life.

Get up earlier, meditate, exercise… MAKE POSITIVE CHANGES IN YOUR LIFE

It takes 21 days to create new daily habits, so stay disciplined, it will be worth it!



This is probably the hardest part. Stay persistent! Stay focused!You MUST keep going! Never ever give up!

Never settle!

You have time, be patient and enjoy the journey!






Peace, Love and Light,



Why I Left My Well Paid Job To Follow My Dreams



I always knew what I wanted. I always believed in following your dreams and living your greatest life. I have had a huge vision and definiteness of purpose ever since I can remember.

People would tell me,  ‘You’ll never make it’ ,’You won’t do it, it’s not possible’, make fun or laugh when I told them my goals and what I wanted to do with my life.

For me, settling for an average life that you didn’t really want or care about made no sense. I’ve always wanted a life that sets my soul on fire. Passion, depth, purpose, ALIVENESS. I don’t even know if that’s a word, but it is now. You know why? Because we create our reality.

I always knew I was destined for something great, and believe we all are. That’s why I would get so frustrated when people would give up on their dreams, or think they were just for the ‘lucky ones’. Everywhere I see people settling, people pleasing, listening to others instead of their own soul. Following the crowd. It all comes back to FEAR, we all know this life is temporary, so why are we not making the most of it? TRULY LIVING. Being the greatest we can be.

“When you were born, everyone assured you that you could do, have and be anything you wanted when you grew up. So, now that you’ve grown up, are you doing, having and being anything and everything you’ve ever wanted? Or somewhere along the way, did you redefine ‘anything and everything’ to include settling for less than what you truly want?” – From ‘The Miracle Morning’ by Hal Elrod

We are here to follow our purpose, whether you realise it or not. we all know our true purpose deep down. It’s the things that make our soul light up, our escapism, something we do that makes us forget about everything else and just be in that moment. It’s our INNER CHILD. Think back to when you were a child, you KNEW ANYTHING WAS POSSIBLE, you dreamed BIG, you were happy, you LIVED IN THE MOMENT, you DIDN’T CARE WHAT ANYONE THOUGHT OF YOU, you were simply BEING.

And then along the way, we have been made to believe that we must ‘be like everyone else’ we must settle, we must suffer, our dreams are ‘impossible’.

It’s only impossible if you believe it so.



Your thoughts CREATE YOUR REALITY. If you believe it is so, then you create it so. You LIVE it.

I had lived the ‘Law of Attraction’ long before I read The Secret. The Secret reminded of my true power within. What I’ve always believed! I KNEW, I KNOW my destiny. No one can tell me about me when I AM ME. I know the greatness we are all capable of, so you cannot convince me other wise. I Am blessed that I have never let anyones opinions get in my way, they have only made me stronger and more determined. Not to prove anyone wrong. but to prove that IT’S POSSIBLE AND THEY CAN DO IT TOO.

I left school just before I turned 16, I couldn’t wait to leave so I could follow my dreams. I didn’t believe in anything I was taught, it always felt so wrong to me. I went on a few college courses, I wasn’t confident in myself enough yet to follow my music dreams, so I chose following my fashion dreams. The fashion course was full so I did jewellery, I wasn’t passionate about that, failed the course, so then I saw a music course was opening and I knew that’s what I’ve always wanted the most so I joined.

I got so much from the course, but as I was a teenager that thought she knew everything, I wasn’t humble enough to actually learn what is important to know when you are a musician. I just wanted to perform all of the time, and didn’t want to learn Music Theory etc because it just reminded me of school again, taking exams to test what I’ve always known is my passion and purpose felt wrong. I feel the same way now about the schooling system, however if I was to do it all over again I would have listened and learned absolutely everything to be the greatest I can be. But my head was in the clouds, I was distracted by boys and trying to fit in.



I then quit that course halfway through the second year, and learned Make Up Artistry in Illamasqua, London. I absolutely loved being able to let my creativity loose, and with my interest in fashion I felt make up was a perfect fit to getting into the fashion industry. I also love that Illamasqua spreads the message of being true to yourself, creative, individual and beautiful as you are! The message resonated with me.

However I totally lost my passion for make up because I knew it wasn’t what I truly wanted. I worked for my mum in her successful Permanent Cosmetics business for around 6/7 years. I was so thankful for the job, the pay was great, I was always able to travel and buy what I wanted, which I Am so thankful for. But I never felt passionate, I Am a creative person, and sitting on a reception desk didn’t allow me to be who I truly am. However, everything happens as it should and looking back I know why I wasn’t ready to leave and follow my dreams, the many times I wanted to.

The beginning of my awakening, ‘What You Think You Become’ – Buddha, my realisation of the Law Of Attraction – NYC, October 2015

Just before my spiritual awakening in 2016, summer 2015 I started listening to The Secret (a book by Rhonda Byrne about the Universal Law ‘Law of Attraction’ and manifesting. I manifested so many things, it was so magical to see my reality be created by my thoughts, feelings and actions, and actually go WOW, I was thinking about this and now I Am living it! So as I started to truly use my power, my confidence grew to follow my dreams.

I was involved in a music project for around a year and a half. We had plans to tour etc, but something just never fully felt right to me. But I thought, it’s an opportunity and I’d be silly to pass up an opportunity, what’s meant to be will be. So I followed it. I left my job at my mums business in June to pursue my dreams with this music project. Signs kept showing me that it wasn’t right, I knew by the way I felt, my soul was saying no and my head was saying yes. I didn’t feel passionate about what I was singing about, I didn’t FEEL the music. Music is such an important thing for me, it is who I Am, I need to believe in what I Am singing about, and sending the message I wanna send to the world. This is my life, I need to be true to myself. So I quit, and felt a huge weight was lifted. It was an opportunity people would dream of, but I knew i wasn’t being true to myself by following it and I’ve learned that is the most important thing in this life.


Your purpose has to be lived with PASSION. If you’re not passionate about something how can you make other people passionate about it?

Your passions are your gifts, and your purpose is to use your gift to help others.

With my music, I wanna make people feel the way I feel when I listen to my favourite artist. Escapism, connection, emotion, I want my music to make people feel alive. The greats have the greatest music because you can feel it’s from their soul. They are being true to themselves and pouring themselves into the music. That is special. That is MAGIC.


So here I was, no job, no plans. But I never felt better and more sure that I was on my true path. Everything has been flowing since then. You just have to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, and focus on living your dreams EVERYDAY. That’s what brings them to you. What you focus on is what you create.

I was feeling really low one day after coming home from L.A and just wanted to be over there! I was frustrated and just lay in my bed, of course I knew that wouldn’t do anything, but you know when you’re in one of those feeling sorry for yourself moods. The Universe reminded me, you’ve nothing to be down about FOCUS ON YOUR BLESSINGS. Be grateful, you are on your path, you have a home, water, food, a family… more than a lot of people in the world, GET UP AND KEEP GOING!

So I got myself out of bed and went for dinner with my mum. My mum is my soulmate and we help each other so much, we always have messages for each other to help us grow, I Am so blessed, she is my best friend! So she said to me, ‘What else are you passionate about except for music, and you can follow that right now?’

I have ALWAYS wanted to be a fashion designer, but I always thought that would have to come after the music. Not realising, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT WHENEVER YOU WANT, BUT YOU MUST START SOMEWHERE!

The first 11.11 EARTH Jacket… 

My intuition told me to create a jacket for a photoshoot I had for the band I was in a few months prior, and it turned out AMAZING I was so happy with it, but I never actually thought about that being the start of creating clothing.

So when I remembered my jacket, 11.11 EARTH The Movement was born. It was FLOWING, my higher self was sending so many messages, I just knew my vision. 11.11 EARTH is a movement of LOVE, of PEACE, of EXPRESSING YOUR TRUE SELF. I believe loving and believing in yourself is the healing of the world. We each need to love ourselves before we can love others, it starts WITHIN. I see style as the way to express who you are through your clothing.

I want people to wear 11.11 EARTH and feel their greatest self. Feel like MAGIC. SHINE THEIR LIGHT. To bring out your inner child, your creative energy. They are filled with uplifting, empowering, loving messages to make you feel amazing so that then your light radiates out to others.


I Am just so excited and grateful for the flow of my path, when anyone asks me what I do now I say ‘LIVING MY DREAMS’ because it’s true! That is what I do, and if you’re reading this know that I Am not separate from you, I am you and you are me, and we all have infinite possibility, You just need to let go of fear and JUST DO IT!



The Secret – Rhonda Byrne

The Miracle Morning – Hal Elrod

Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

The Four Agreement – Don Miguel Ruiz

You Are A Badass – Jen Sincero






Peace, Love and Light







How To Overcome Darkness

Life seems like a roller coaster of ‘ups’ and ‘downs’‘bad times’ and ‘good times’.

Why can’t everything just be easy and the good times last?

Everything in life is temporary, the good times don’t last, but neither do the bad!

Why must we suffer?

A lot of the time you will find suffering comes from our MIND. We create our own suffering through the perspective of the experience. If you are identifying an experience as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ you are determining how you feel. A change in perspective can make the ‘dark times’ in our lives the most rewarding times.

As difficult as it feels, the dark times are ESSENTIAL for our time here on Earth. We are here to learn, to evolve, to grow. If everything was easy all of the time, what would be the point of life?


There is no such thing as an ‘easy’ life, EVERYONE experiences hard times no matter what their circumstances. We are all one and equal beyond all of the illusions of separation.

So how do we use these dark times to help us grow instead of feeling like all is lost and giving up?



The first and most important step to healing is to honour how you feel.

We’ve all been there ‘I’m fine’ ‘Nothing’s wrong’ … although I encourage focusing on the positive and speaking positive words. Denying your feelings is different! It is essential to RELEASE, whether that’s speaking out loud to yourself, speaking to a loved one or writing down how you feel. This takes a huge ‘weight’ from our mind and allows us to move forward to find a solution.



Healing can only happen from WITHIN. Anything outside of yourself will only be temporary to ‘cover up’ how you feel inside. So forget about buying a new handbag, or getting a new boyfriend. If treating yourself lifts your spirits as a form of self love, then definitely do it! But it is not the solution! This is only avoiding facing yourself, when you should come FIRST. Knowledge and love of yourself is essential for life. Don’t avoid it! Get to know and love the beautiful, amazing being that you are!




It is so important to be kind to YOURSELF! Stop beating yourself up, be kind to yourself, forgive yourself! This is an essential part of healing, Blaming yourself and negative self talk is the worst thing you can do! You will always be YOU! So be kind to yourself, you listen to your thoughts so make sure they are beautiful, positive and encouraging! Take some time for yourself, have a relaxing bath, make yourself feel good, treat yourself, read a book etc! Whatever makes you FEEL GOOD! Whatever you do, don’t stay in your bed feeling sorry for yourself! Giving yourself love and feeling sorry for yourself are completely different things! As harsh as it sounds literally force yourself to do things that make you happy, as simple as listening to your favourite music, watching your favourite movie, spending time with your best friend! Get into nature, exercise, eat healing foods! (i.e fruits and vegetables) drink lots of water, stay hydrated! RAISE YOUR VIBRATION!




Resisting something and thinking about how much you don’t want it, actually gives it MORE POWER! Research the life changing ‘Law of attraction’ . Switch your focus! You get what you focus on, so focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want! You hold the power to create your reality, and that power is within your attention, change your perspective to change your life. Gratitude is the best way to change your energy, focus on what you are thankful for, we all have something no matter how ‘small’ it may seem, just be grateful you are breathing! Feel gratitude for every bit of your life. ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE. Life is about balance and contrast will always exist, so think of the contrast as showing you what you don’t want, then you can give more energy to what you do want!



In my experience since my spiritual awakening, I have had many times of darkness. I now realise these times of darkness and depression are healing times that allow me to EVOLVE. Every time I have felt low and felt like giving up I have experienced breakthroughs that have allowed me to move forward. I have had so many of these experiences that I look at myself over the months and truly see how much I’ve evolved. Every time I heal, I get closer to my truest and greatest self in order to live my true life purpose.


Take a step back and try to understand what you are being taught from this experience. What feelings are coming up for you that don’t feel good?

Even write down how you feel so that you can look at it and realise what needs healing. Most of the time it leads back to self love! A book I highly recommend is called ‘The Mastery of Love’ by Don Miguel Ruiz. It truly helped me love myself and stop looking outside of myself for love or approval and understand life more.



Now that I realise what’s happening it’s like being in a video game and picking up the clues to get to the next level. My ‘higher self’ tells me the message and then its up to ME to ACT on it! No action, no result! Sometimes I go through the same lessons over and over until I take action on them and move forward. You will find this happening through life, we will be sent the same lesson in many different ways until we learn.



It can feel so tempting and ‘comfortable’ to stay in that dark place and feel sorry for yourself, but you MUST keep moving FORWARD! Do things that make you happy! Push yourself through to LEARN and that’s when you’ll get your breakthrough and BAM! You’ve evolved! And you’ll keep leaning and growing, and that’s the beautiful thing about life. We can never stop GROWING!


I hope this post helps you! Here are some books and speakers I recommend for inspiration and motivation:

  • ‘The Mastery of Love’ by Don Miguel Ruiz
  • ‘The Four Agreements’ by Don Miguel Ruiz
  • ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle
  • Abraham Hicks
  • Infinite Waters




Peace, love and light,